Silestone® is a hybrid surface made from premium natural minerals. Manufactured with the exclusive and innovative HybriQ® technology, a more sustainable approach to architectural surfaces.
Indisputable leader in benchtops for 25 years, Silestone is made of more than 90% of natural quartz what makes it possesses strength of its surfaces, by providing the outstanding resistance and durability properties that you need in your home. This characteristics become it the best option not only for your kitchen but also in bathroom, floors and siding. Discover its colours, textures and formats with the minimum number of joints but the highest warranty of hygiene and easy maintenance.

Kitchen Walls

The creativity of Silestone allows possibilities that inspire design throughout the kitchen, from benchtops to floors to splashbacks and tiles. A thread of material that creates unique designs in your homes. The kitchen walls provide personality to a space in which we spend so much time each day and where inspiration is found in any corner. The tranquil and harmonious environment and visiual delight can get anyone creating amazing dishes!

Kitchen Floorings

The durability and resistance of Silestone®outplays the wear and tear of highly used flooring. Low porosity and easy maintenance make it perfect for high-traffic areas. The characteristics of Silestone can resist the wear and tear and stay as good as the first day.


Silestone is a virtually non-porous surface that can resist the stain from coffee, wine, lemon juice and other daily products. The high resistance to impact of Silestone, allows flexibility in your kitchen when facing manipulation of objects such as pans, trays… Quartz is one the harder materials in existence and and makes sure our products are really durable. Silestone, because it’s made of quartz, is highly resistant to scratches. Cosentino offers consumers 25 years warranty for the Silestone kitchen benchtops.

Bathroom Benchtops

Silestone, leader in quartz surfaces, possesses the ideal characteristics for bathroom benchtops. No joints, no stains, no scratches. With a low absorption level and virtually no joints, the bathroom surface will remain unchanged after its daily use.

Bathroom Walls

Silestone can be supplied in a large customised format, offering you the possibility of maintaining the harmony and visual stability of your bathroom walls. The use of the Jumbo format slabs on your bathroom walls allows you to adapt its design to all your needs in terms of continuity and customisation. Silestone is a practical material for use on walls in bathrooms, as it requires little maintenance and enhances the style, giving you the option of choosing from among its more than 60 colours.

Bathroom Floors

The high durability and resistance of Silestone® reduces wear when used on bathroom floors. Its low porosity and scant maintenance requirements make it the ideal product for rooms in which water and other personal hygiene products are used.

Environments with conditions such as damp or changes in temperature require floors that not only have an attractive design, but offer an impeccable performance in the presence of these agents. For this reason, Silestone is the best bet.

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